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Class 2

Class Teacher – Mrs L. Lambert

Teaching Assistants – Mrs J. Farr & Mrs A. Stevenson



Learning in Class Two.




This half term in Class Two our topic is ‘Toys’. This means that the children will be using things very familiar to them to help them understand and explain how things move and what things are made of. Below is a brief outline of what we will be doing each week with some examples of the learning activities that will be taking place.


Week One (6/11/18):


Church Service on Friday 9th

  • We will learn about the symbol of the Poppy and what it stands for.
  • We will make a poppy for our whole school display.
  • In PHSE our topic will be introduced ‘Getting on and falling Out’.

Week Two (12/11/18)

National Anti-Bullying Week

Children in Need Friday 16th (Non School Uniform with something yellow) and a cake competition and sale.

Playground Games


  • We will learn new games popular in other countries (one of them will be from our Australian friends).
  • We will write instructions for the game and teach it to others.
  • We will take part in a whole school friendship day.
  • Through discussion the children will define bullying and understand what they should do in response to bullying.
  • Our Value courage will be explored. Famous acts of courage by children will be discussed.
  • Children in Need will help us to understand how we can help other children by our actions.

Week Three ( 18/11/18)

New Toys

  • Through a favourite toy brought in from home (On Monday 18th please) we will sort and group toys according to how they move and then what they are made of. We will use them to help understand which force makes them start, continue and stop.
  • In art photograph and draw our toys to make a display.
  • Use a floor robot to give and sequence instructions to make it move.
  • We will consider toys and games that children enjoy around the world.
  • PHSE consider what makes a good friend. Try to give compliments this week.




Week Four (26/11/18)

Playground Toys

  • On a visit to Burford Park identify the forces needed to make the equipment (slides, swings e.t.c.) move. Discuss the size and direction of the force needed. Some children will begin to see that friction can change the speed of movement.
  • On the computer use a programme called The Playground to continue to sequence instructions to make a bear play in the park.
  • Look at shape and line in art.
  • Use construction toys to represent park equipment and make an ideal playground.
  • In geography look for human features and natural features and describe likes and dislikes in our locality.
  • In PHSE learn how the same thing can be viewed in two different ways (view points).

Week Five (3/12/18)

Old Toys


  • We will investigate and place in chronological order old toys. Then compare to modern toys.
  • Learn some traditional playground games.
  • Use ‘Magic Grandad’ to find out about toys further back in history.
  • In art learn about tone and shade to draw an old teddy.
  • Explore how a hand held spinner works and make one.
  • In PHSE learn how to deal with fall outs by thinking about other people’s point of view. Learn how to manage anger.

Week Six and Seven (10/12/18 – 17/12/18)

Old Toys


  • Thinking about toys that are still popular today by continuing to research old toys.
  • Make a balancing toy and again thinking about materials toys are made of.
  • Making a simple old fashioned toy shop window and placing appropriate toys in it.
  • Reading a story about a girl who was disappointed with her Christmas present and how her imagination saved the day. Thinking about how imagination means we don’t need expensive toys to have fun!
  • PHSE this week will be about standing up for yourself or dealing with fall outs in a positive way.

If you think that you have anything suitable that your child could bring into school to fit in with our topic of the week, we would be very grateful.

Spellings will be given on a Friday and tested the following Friday.

P.E is on a Tuesday and Wednesday, but as always this can change so could you please ensure that P.E bags are in school for the week. Forrest Schools continues on a Tuesday and Wednesday – please see the window for details.  If anyone has any queries or problems feel free to come in and talk to me!

Many thanks,     


Lisa Lambert



Websites we like!

www.phonicsplay.co.uk – loads of great games to help with reading and spelling.

www.ictgames.co.uk – some great games to support mathematics and literacy.

http://durham.schooljotter.com/coxhoe - games to support learning in all areas.

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