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Class 1

Class Teacher – Miss K. Hiles

Teaching Assistant   - Mrs K.Gibbs (HLTA)

Mrs G Flynn







Welcome to Class One!  


Learning in Class One.


This half term in Class One our topic is ‘Food’. We will be learning about different types of food, the food groups, food around the world and where our food comes from. Below is a brief outline of what we will be doing each week with some examples of the learning activities that will be taking place.

Week One – 25/2/19

Handa’s Surprise!

* Reading the story of Handa’s Surprise and making story maps

* Tasting a range of different fruits and making a fruit salad.

* Making a pictogram of our favourite fruits.

* Weighing and measuring fruit and vegetables and learning to add and subtract them.

* Finding out where different fruits and vegetables come from using non-fiction books and search engines, and using this information to create a class book.

Week Two – 4/3/19

Handa’s Surprise and Pancake Day!

* We will be thinking about our favourite part of the story and writing a simple book review.

* Discussing questions and writing our own, using question marks.

* We will be closely observing and drawing fruit.

* We will continue to add and subtract, and link this to learning about coins and money.

* Thinking about our friends and what we can do to surprise them.

* We will be learning about the origin and meaning of Shrove Tuesday, and making pancakes!

Week Three – 11/3/19

Oliver’s Vegetables and Oliver’s, Fruit Salad

* Reading the texts and thinking about healthy foods. 

* Learning why we need food to keep us alive and healthy.

* Naming the different food groups and sorting different foods into these groups. * Discussing which foods are healthy and which types of foods are treats, before designing a healthy lunchbox.

* We will be chopping a variety of vegetables and making soups to taste!

* Introducing the work of the artist Archimboldo, and recreating his masterpieces. 

* Learning about personal hygiene and that we need to look after our teeth.

Week 4 – 18/3/19

 The Very Hungry Caterpillar and The A-Z of Food

* Reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and learning to say, sequence, read and spell the days of the week.

* Learning about the life cycle of a butterfly and using movement to represent the different stages.

* Continuing to develop our awareness of pattern and symmetry.

* Learning about doubling and counting in 2s.

* Creating our own non-fiction books based upon the A-Z of Food text.

Week 5 – 25/3/19

The Senses and Changing State

* Reading and enjoying different poems about the senses and writing our own!

* Understanding what our five senses are and exploring them.

* Learning about solids, liquids and gases and sorting different food types according to which they are.

* Investigating which foods change when they are heated and cooled.

Week 6 – 1/4/19

Food around the world

* Sharing our own favourite food and finding out where in the World it has come from. Please send in your child’s favourite food on Monday of this week.

* Sharing and enjoying stories from around the world and tasting food which originates from these countries.

* Visiting Pizza Express in Ludlow to make our own pizzas! (More details to follow shortly).

Week 7 – 8/4/19


* Learning about why we celebrate Easter.

* Thinking about positional language whilst going on an Easter egg hunt.

* Exploring 2D and 3D shapes.

* Making Easter cards and Easter nests.

* Performing in our Easter service!


Our PSHE unit of work for this half term is ‘It’s good to be me!’ The children will be taking part in lots of discussions and circle time activities whereby they will explore their similarities and differences, but that these differences are the things which make us special.

P.E will continue on a Thursday afternoon and Forest Schools will continue on Friday afternoon’s - please see the list on the classroom window for the dates when your child will be taking part. If it’s not your child’s week for Forest Schools, they will be experiencing different musical activities with Mrs Nugent and Mrs Jo Giles - a music specialist employed by the school from Shropshire Music Service!   

If anyone has any queries or problems, as always feel free to come in and talk to us!


Mrs Nugent and Ms Bromhall