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Primary PE & School Sport Premium Impact Case Study

School Name:  Burford CE Primary School

Name & role of person completing the Impact Case Study: Laura Farr, Year 5/6 Teacher, PE Leader

Detailed is a summary of how our project utilised the Primary Sport & PE Premium.  How the impact was measured and what impact the school has seen on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment.  

The majority of our premium was used on taking Key Stage 2 children to the local outdoor centre (Bockleton Study Centre, which has since closed down due to lack of funding). Over a succession of 2 years, we were able to take approximately 200 children over 6 different year groups to the centre to engage in OAA activities. This is an area of PE that children often have to wait for, on their week-long residential in Year 6. The children were able to engage in high and low rope activities, problem solving, orienteering, tunnelling and some water sports. This had a huge impact on team building and confidence for those 'less-sporty children; they were often able to conquer their fears and experience new areas of sport. The impact of this was shown when 100% of our Year 5/6 children chose to come on the 2015 residential, the highest cohort ever.

Our premium was also spent on our School Sports Partnership with Lacon Childe School. This offers us a wide range of opportunities. Firstly, a high school sports coach for 3 half terms of the year, where they will teach year groups of our choice sports that we may not be so confident in ourselves as well as provide after school clubs. In the Autumn Term of 2015, our school-link coach organised fixtures against the High School Year 7s in netball, football and tag rugby. This allowed both groups of children to take part in friendly but competitive events where they could utilize the skills they had practiced in a real game situation. This had a massive impact of their confidence and the ability to make quick decisions in a game situation. In addition to this they provide a half term outreach program, where our eldest children visit the school for a PE lesson once a week (transport included), we often choose volleyball, as this is a sport we don’t have the facilities for in our primary school. Amongst this they offer several areas of training for all teachers, courses I took part in included: Gymnastics, dance, physical literacy (ks1), tennis and outdoor learning. Finally, they offer us an extensive program of events for all ages to take part in. This provides us with a number of opportunities for children to play sport competitively. This cluster stage allows us to work towards Regional events. 2014 and 2015 were the first years Burford has ever reached Regional stages in Rounders, Netball, Tag Rugby and Indoor and Outdoor Athletics. We also won the South Shropshire Regional Swimming Gala. For Key Stage One and non-competitive children, Lacon Childe offers us festival style events, where children can come and try out new sports lead by Young Leaders. This had a fantastic impact, enabling every child in the school to take part in either a competitive or friendly event in sport.

We also used our premium to make links with local sports clubs and learn 'new sports' that we may not always have the opportunity to in Primary School:

Lee Matthews British Military Martial Arts club: Ludlow

We provided a Key Stage Two martial arts after school club for 2 terms in 2014/15 and one term in 2015/16, this sparked a lot of interest and most key stage two children took part over the three terms. They followed a specialized program which covered: anti-bullying, conflict avoidance, respect, discipline, self-control and benefits of being fit and healthy. They also took part in a Graduation Ceremony on the final session where they were presented with their Yellow Grade Certificate and Belt. Approximately 10-15 of these children continued their new sport at the local club in Ludlow where they still train now.

Paddy Brennan Boxing and Fitness Academy: Tenbury Wells

We also ran a Boxing Club for Key Stage Two for two terms in 2014/15, which sparked areas of similar interest as the martial arts. This was focussed more on fitness and exercise, with the skills of boxing and self-defence included.  Approximately 12 of these children went on to attend Children's sessions at the club; one of which is now in the Men's boxing club training as a boxer.

As head of PE I continue to look into more links to the community, I am in touch with Luctonians Rugby Club about after school club sessions in the Spring/Summer term. We also bought into an Ultimate Frisbee club, which ran for one half term and was successful with the competitive boys in the school!

We noticed how the opportunities we were providing made our children more competitive within sport. This caused a decision for Key Stage Two children to have some of their PE covered by myself, as Head of PE, in the more competitive team sports. Each class was taught for 2 x hours on a Friday afternoon for two separate half terms within the year. This allowed me to teach them a progression of skills with more time than a regular PE lesson. The lessons would progress towards a competitive game towards the end of the sessions, which would help the children to utilize the skills they've learnt. 

Finally, we were able to have staff training in Gymnastics from local instructor Anne Davies, where we were taught the basics and safety of how to teach and organise a success gymnastics lesson. She also taught Key Stage Two children from 2 half terms and provided an after school club. This enabled opportunity for non-competitive children, several in which continued on to take part in local gymnastics clubs.

My next project is to increase general fitness awareness at school within staff and pupils, incorporating some sort of running plan or fitness club for children and staff to attend.